About us


We settled in Laisvallby in 2004 when we were offered to take over a family house that was empty since 14 years. The house belonged to Gunnar and Alina Lestander (great uncle and aunt of Lisa) who spent their whole life running a small farm and taking small jobs in the forest and at the local sawmill.

In our village, Boliden Mineral AB (the mining company) had built a large cabin in the 1940’s, to host visitors to the mine in Laisvall. Mostly, it seemed to be very prominent guests such as directors and board members. After the mine of Laisvall shut down in 2001, Boliden had less use of this cabin and in 2008 we had the opportunity to buy it. The man who was caretaker of the cabin for many years is called Stor-Björn, and hence we named it Stora Björnstugan, or Big Bear Cabin after we found big bear foot prints on the snow close by.

We are open all year round, since there is always something to see and to do. Every season has its own specific activities. So far, we have welcomed people from different countries who have been always positively surprised by the huge size and comfort of the cabin, and many of our guests have became friends that we keep contact with ever since.

Have you ever experienced surround silence ?

If not, come to visit us here and enjoy the freedom of space and lack of light and sound pollution.

Lisa is a human ecologist and artist. Paints the water colours for our product labels.

Thierry is geographer specialised in geospatial mapping. Thierry manages the harvest, geotagging and processing of natural food stuffs.


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