Harvesting wilderness

Harvesting, processing and packaging wild forest products is very time- consuming. During the whole process, we try to preserve the natural qualities of each product. Our work is small-scale, manual labour with respect to the nature we harvest. We do not add any chemicals, preservatives or additives to our products.  We harvest natural non-wood products of our forests – refine them, spruce them up and label them with their geographic position. Forests are so much more than timber. They are a source of great wild foods.

A unique terroir

Our arctic terroir is unique with solar conditions, soils and lack of pollution. It provides us with superior raw foods that we think have both a high nutritional as well as an ethical and ecological value: Wild, renewable and free of contamination..




Chaga tea powder

Inonotus obliquus is a swamp that grows on birch trees only in subarctic areas. It contains of the highest level of antioxidants. By scanning the QR code of each bag, you can see on google map the geolocation of the tree where the Chaga is harvested from.
To prepare chaga, it is best recommended to use a metal tea pot, add cold or tepid water and then brew it on low heat for a longer time (max + 65 °C for at least 1/2 hour up to few hours) until the liquid turns very brown, such as coffee. The flavor is mild with a slight “woody” and “earthy” flavor.
Our standard 50 grams bag is enough to brew about 18-23 teapots of 1/2 liter. You can reuse the same mash of Chaga powder from the very first brew about 10-15 times by just adding 2 new spoons for each brew. The decoction of chaga never turns bad, so the liquid brewed keeps into the same tea pot for weeks.

Ingredients: 100% dried wild chaga hand-picked in Laisan valley on authorized forests.

Keep 2 years into a dark, dry place.

150 ml  +/- 50 grams bag

Artnr: #7300009050031



The salt from Salies-de-Bearn in South-west France is known worldwide for its high content of minerals into water inclusions and extreme halophile live bacterias, which gives the unique flavor and moisture.

Along with the wild berries of lapland, the food is enhanced with a lovely forest touch without overpowering the natural flavors. add a generous pinch of salt onto the meat last minute on the grill or fill up a fish with lemon. Ingredients: 85 % coarse salt from Salies-de- Bearn, 15 % dried crowberry, lingonberry, blueberry. Keep 2 years dry, dark and preferably cool.

10 cl salt – 100 g bag

Artnr: #7300009050017


Angelica archangelica dried seeds

This wild plant has traditionally been used much by the Sami. All parts of the plant have different properties and uses, as a spice and confectionery.

You can use a mortar or any other tool to grind the seeds in order to produce a flour. Then the dried seeds flour can be used in baking bread or biscuits, but you can also spice up your muesli or salads which adds a fresh subtle chlorophyll flavour. 100% dried Angelica archangelica seeds.

Keep 2 years into a dark, dry place.

15 g – 100 ml bag

Artnr: #7300009050048


Spruce shots syrup

The young spruce shoots are picked early July. We let them melt slowly with several sugar layers exposed to sunlight for two-three weeks until a clear and yellow syrup is formed. The syrup is then cold extracted and filtered into hermetic glass bottles.

Spruce syrup is perfect to use with dessert, cheese, pancakes, ice cream, salad dressings, with meat and fish, marinades or drink with tea. In the past, it was used as a cough medicine as it contains both vitamin C and antibacterial. Storage: dark and cool, can be freezed – 24 months into a fridge after opening.

Ingredients: 35% fresh spruce shoots, 55% sugar, 10% water

10 cl glass bottle

Artnr: #7300009050024


Chaga tincture

Tincture is the best method to extract all the complex substances (betulin, betulinic acid and phytosterols) from the chaga powder. Tincture of Chaga is an alcoholic extract with a ratio 1: 2 of fine chaga powder macerated into 37% commercial alcohol and hot water concentrate blended together for a final alcohol volume below 10%.

Keep 3 years into a dark, dry, cold place.

30 ml pipett bottle

Artnr: #7300009050055

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